Patliputra University PPU College List 2021 | Affiliated and Constituent Colleges

Patliputra University PPU College List 2020: Hello Friends, if you wan to know the colleges of Patliputra University or PPU then in this article we have listed all the colleges of Patliputra University PPU and also given the contact number and email id so that you can get help in any problem.

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A N College, Patna9431012332[email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
ANS College, Barh8083860424,
[email protected]
B D College, Patna9546391380[email protected]
[email protected]
B S College, Danapur7250801309[email protected]
College Of Commerce, Arts & Science Patna9431049871[email protected]
G J College, Rambagh, Bihta9430055669,
[email protected]
Ganga Devi Mahila Mahavidalaya, Patna9431451571[email protected]
J D Womens College, Patna9473378594,
[email protected]
Jagat Narayan Lal College, Patna9431062520[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected]
M M College, Bikram7461925145[email protected]
Mahila College, Khagaul7004217025[email protected]
Malti Dhari College, Naubatpur9431045912
[email protected]
R L S Y College, Bakhtiarpur9431619715[email protected]
R P M College, Patna City09934844871[email protected]
Ram Krishna Dwarika College, Patna8987078083[email protected]
Ram Ratan Singh College, Mokama, Patna8083860424,
9431659034, 9504163633 (Bur.)
[email protected]
S M D College, Punpun09431499207[email protected]
Sri Arvind Mahila College, Patna9199427066[email protected]
Sri Guru Gobind Singh College, Patna Saheb9430034632[email protected]
T P S College, Patna9431094707[email protected]


Kisan College, Nalanda9835298973[email protected]
Nalanda College, Biharsharif9835612255[email protected]
Nalanda Mahila College, Biharsharif9835479988[email protected]
S P M College, Udantpuri, Nalanda9934047268[email protected], [email protected]
S U College, Hilsa9430248213[email protected]



B B M B G Kanya College9931848184[email protected]
B L P College, Masaurhi7779810860, 9934910373[email protected]
Bansropan Ram Bahadur Singh Yadav College, Kanhauli, Patna9835208124[email protected]
Chandradeo Prasad Verma College, Simri, Patna9234741349[email protected]
D N College, Masaurhi9431492159, 7739606956[email protected]
Dr. C P Thakur College, Naubatpur, Patna9801699366[email protected]
Dr. Ram Raj Singh Mahila College, Nalanda9939000525[email protected]
Jyoti Kunwar College, Fatehpur, Patna8002232318[email protected]
Kameshwar Prasad Singh College, Nadwan9934714951, 9931881349[email protected]
L P Shahi College, Patna8051959688[email protected]
P L S College, Masaurhi9835202180[email protected], [email protected]
P N K College, Achhua9931915768[email protected]
Patna Muslim Science College, Patna9431280954[email protected]
R P College, Datiyana, Bikram9905651095, 9931850971[email protected]
R L S Y Collge, Anishabad, Patna8409408195[email protected]
R P S College, Bailey Road, Patna9934617615[email protected]
R P S Mahila College, Bailey Road, Patna9570220823[email protected]
R.L.S.Y College, Paliganj, Patna9431472842[email protected]
Ram Roop Prasad College,Patna9304733890[email protected]
S K M V College, Fatuha9955794705[email protected]
S N A Evening College, Barh9576838335, 9430212892[email protected]
Sir Ganesh Dutt Memorial College, Patna9431432403[email protected]
Sri Bhuwaneshwari Raja College, Barh, Patna7903938471[email protected]


Deo Sharan Women’s Evening College, Sohsarai, Nalanda7488171728[email protected]
G D M College, Harnaut9931025084, 9471697855[email protected]
K S T College, Sohsarai9430567174[email protected]
Lal Singh Tyagi Gramin College, Nalanda9334447833[email protected]
Magadh Mahavidyalaya, Chandi, Nalanda9234515853[email protected]
Mahabodhi Mahavidyalaya, Nalanda9835624296, 9199432830[email protected], [email protected]
Nalanda Sodh Sansthan9234736024[email protected]
P M S College, Paharpura9304524711, 9304129307[email protected]
R Lal College, Nalanda7979905751[email protected]
R LS Y College, Nalanda7549523491[email protected]
R P S College, Harnaut9973119505[email protected]
S P College, Hilsa9472472803[email protected]
Sadanand, College, Biharsharif, Nalanda9234423265[email protected]
Snatak College, Nalanda7050214221, 7739179425[email protected]
Vardhman Mahavir College, Pawapuri9431060497[email protected], [email protected]

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